We brew with a little (make that a lot) of help from our friends at UBREW. UBREW is an open brewery where you brew the beer! For more info visit the UBREW website.  

Tash Vine


Here's our amazing brew-ru Tash Vine, who helps us put together recipes to make our beery dreams come true. Tash is not only a Brew House Assistant at UBREW, but also Head Brewer at Bianca Road Brew Co in Peckham, Founder of Driptych Brew Co. and one half of the amazing Barrel Kitchen supper club.


Wilf Horsfall


Matthew Denham


Here's the faces of UBREW's founders, Matt and Wilf. Hear how they came to set up UBREW in Episode 1, Season 1. You can also hear their critiques of our brews at the end of each episode in Season 1. 


UBREW also have a great taproom which is totally worth a visit, especially if you want to taste any of our beers, which will be on tap the weekend following the launch of each podcast episode.