Here's a quick round up of the equipment we've been using to brew with:

Hot Liquor Tank: this heats up your good old tap water and keeps it at a steady temperature for mashing in.

Mash Tun: like a giant thermos flask that keeps your grain happy and warm as you mash in.

Kettle: looks very similar to the hot liquor tank. This is where the boil happens - don't forget to attach a hop filter!

Fermentation tank: this is a conical fermenter. Super handy as all our trub (that's the hops/yeast/ leftovery bits) sinks to the pointy bit at the bottom, so it's easy to remove before we bottle.   


Big Spoon: Note also a bottle opener!


Hoses: These are gonna connect all your bits of kit together. 


Counterflow chiller: A fancy piece of kit that chills down your boiling hot wort to fermentation temperature in minutes. Cold water goes in and runs past hot wort. Chilled wort and waste water come out the other side. There's more on this in our how to blog - 


Thermometer: A brewer's best friend. Good beer needs accurate temperature readings. Consistency is key. Follow the temperatures on your recipe exactly and you should have a really accurate brew.  


Hydrometer and Trial Jar: These are the tools we need to read our 'gravity.' Gravity relates to the amount of sugar in the wort. We need to take gravity readings in order to work out the ABV of our final beer.  


SANITISER AND SPONGES TO CLEAN WITH!: Seriously. If you don't clean everything you use, your beer is going to get infected and disappoint you!