We bottled loads of beer during this process. It can be quite laborious but its still REALLY FUN!
As always, you must remember to clean absolutely everything at each step!

Step 1 - Dip and douche your bottles with cleaning fluid! Then add to a bottle tree or similar to dry.


Step 2 - Drop the trub from your fermentation tank. This can be messy.

Step 3 - Transfer the clean trub-free beer from your fermentation tank into your bottling tank. 

Step 4 - Work out how much sugar you need to add and put it into a little bit of freshly boiled water to dissolve it. Gently fold the sugar liquid into the beer. The sugar will give the yeast another little kick into action causing carbon dioxide to build up - and that's how the fizz gets into your bottles!


Step 5 - Connect a hose from your bottling tank into your bottling station.


Step 6 - Fill your bottles - not too full now!


Step 7 - Cap them! Make sure you leave these soaking in cleaning fluid beforehand too!


Step 8 - Store the bottles and wait for the beer to carbonate and bottle condition (at least 10 more days) 

Step 9 - Label your bottles. An optional but fun extra. 

Step 10 - DRINK UP!