who made a beer?


Louise Mulroy

Louise is a creative producer for a London-based advertising agency. 

She's a beer fan who has recently (almost entirely) converted from cheap big brand lager guzzling to experimenting with fuller-flavoured beers, though she's still an advocate of a quality lager! 

Lucy Stevenson

Lucy is a freelance wine educator and writer.

She gets through almost as much beer as wine, but knew next to nothing about beer before she started brewing and podcasting. She particularly  enjoys the nerdy bits with yeast and stuff. 


Why make a podcast?

Recent holidays had become increasingly beer-themed. We'd seek out breweries, local beer bars and tasting platters and were having lots of fun learning new bits here and there. But we still felt very lost when we'd come back to London and find ourselves in a bar with hundreds of different beers in the fridges. 

We decided to do some hands-on learning by brewing, experimental drinking and chatting to some of beer world's most innovative and knowledgeable people. Brewing, just like drinking, should be a sociable activity, and a podcast seemed like a great way to share our experience with you!